Retail - Timers

Timers are kitchen essentials for any home cook, and CDN offers a wide range of digital and mechanical models to meet different needs. CDN timers are top sellers worldwide because of their quality construction, ease of use, precision and value.

The line features everything from a basic countdown timer to an advanced multi-tasking model that tracks four events at once. Whether you want a small compact timer or a bigger model with a large readout, we have the right one for you.

Other CDN convenience features include count up/down, recall of last time counted, clock/stopwatch options and memory. Choose a timer with an extra-loud alarm or extra big digits, or choose a direct entry model that allows you to program times by keying in numbers instead of pressing a button multiple times. We even have models with pocket clips for easy transport, along with timers on a rope to wear around the neck.

Save yourself some time by talking with us about your needs. Our line covers everything from the basic to the unique, and we can also customize a product just for you.